Nouvel commenced its operations in 1997 under the leadership of Mr Navin Khanna, a young enterpreneur fresh out of university at age 21, with a single minded approach of delivering good quality services. After an initial struggle Nouvel managed to bag the prestigious contract of HSBC Investment Bank and never looked back. Over the years Nouvel evolved itself as a company adding new services to its existing offerings. Our philosophy at Nouvel has been to provide its clients with a new improved aproach to its services with every year going by, there bygiving complacency a miss. The success of its approach is evident from the fact that our clients have chosen to take our services for many years and continue to do so till date.

At Nouvel we have converted every need of a client into a services and delivered the same with complete professionalism.

Nouvel's Footprints
1997 - Nouvel commenced its house keeping services
2000 - Nouvel commenced its mechanical and engineering services
2001 - Nouvel commenced its on call maintenance / handyman services
  2002 - Nouvel commenced its turn key interior solutions
2011- Nouvel commenced its ambient scenting solutions
2012 - Nouvel commenced its plant rentals and green walls services.

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